Salvage Grocery Stores in Alabama

Salvage Grocery Stores in Alabama

Nestled among the rolling hills and rich traditions of Alabama, a shopping revolution is quietly taking root: salvage grocery stores.

These distinctive outlets, peppered amidst the state's historic landmarks and warm Southern charm, offer Alabamians an opportunity to buy overstocked, near-expiration, or cosmetically blemished goods that might otherwise go to waste.

Beyond the appeal of pocket-friendly prices, these stores embody a deeper Southern ethos of making the most of what you have, presenting a sustainable choice that's in tune with Alabama's rich cultural tapestry.

Salvage Stores

C&M Discount Grocery

C&M Discount Grocery in Geneva has been a family owned and operated business in the community since 1982. You can find your everyday grocery items along including fresh meats and produce along with items you won't find in your everyday grocery store.


301 W Maple Ave, Geneva, AL 36340
(334) 684-3473
Tue-Fri: 8AM-6PM | Sat-Sun: Closed


Salvage Stores

G&A Discount Grocery Plus

Salvage grocery store in Albertville, AL. Accepts EBT, cash, debit cards and most major credit cards.


1118 Kilpatrick Rd, Albertville, AL 35950
(256) 878-1662
Mon-Thur: 9AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: 9AM-5:30PM
Sun: Closed
Salvage Stores

WOW Discount Grocery

WOW Discount Grocery offers many affordable bargains. Always fully stocked with quality discount goods.

Rainbow City

416 W Grand Ave, Rainbow City, AL 35906
(256) 467-3501
Mon-Thurs: 10AM-5PM | Fri & Sat: 10AM-6PM | Sun: Closed
Salvage Stores

BBS Salvage Grocery

WOW Discount Grocery offers many affordable bargains. Always fully stocked with quality discount goods.

Fort Payne

436 Gault Ave N Fort Payne, AL 35967
(423) 309-9534
Mon-Fri: 9AM-5PM | Sat: 9AM-3PM
Sun & Mon: Closed
Salvage Stores

United Grocery Outlet

United Grocery Outlet is a highly reputable closeout grocery merchant buying and selling almost anything found in a supermarket. United Grocery Outlet specializes in handling inventory imbalances, closeouts, packaging changes, close-dated product, factory seconds, and trial run products.

Fort Payne

1000 Dekalb Plaza Blvd. SW, Fort Payne, Al 35967
(256) 997-0722
Mon-Sat: 8AM-8PM | Sun: 8AM-6PM


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