The 9 Best lakes for swimming in America

best lake for swimming in America

The United States boasts an impressive array of stunning lakes, both natural and man-made, where one can plunge into for a revitalizing swim.

Many of these splendid water bodies are framed by stretches of sandy beaches, making them perfect spots for soaking up the sun or unwinding.

Based on our readers' votes, we present you with the top 9 lakes in the United States that are ideal for swimming.

Grand Lake - Colorado

No. 9: Grand Lake - Colorado

Emerging from the frosty grip of winter, Colorado's Grand Lake transforms into a delightful water-based playground.

The pristine shores of the state's largest and deepest natural lake welcome both locals and visitors to partake in various water activities like kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and swimming.

Despite its slightly chilly temperatures, the allure of immersing oneself in these tranquil waters is hard to resist.

Lake Powell - Arizona and Utah

No. 8: Lake Powell - Arizona and Utah

Nestled within the arid landscapes of Arizona and Utah, Lake Powell emerges as an oasis of water-based recreation.

The lake is a cherished waterbody for swimmers, particularly during the peak summer months when water temperatures can surge above a comfortable 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its beautiful sandstone surroundings further enhance the overall swimming experience.

Lake Huron - Michigan

No. 7: Lake Huron - Michigan

Lake Huron, dotted with an array of superb swimming beaches, is a swimmer's paradise.

From the adventurous trails of Saginaw Bay to the secluded shores of Georgian Bay, this lake offers plenty of options.

Michigan, in particular, is abundant with splendid swimming destinations, including the picturesque Straits State Park and the inviting Hoeft State Park.

Lake Tahoe - California and Nevada

No. 6: Lake Tahoe - California and Nevada

Lake Tahoe, known for its astounding depth and remarkable beauty, presents an inviting tableau for swimmers.

Those on the Californian side have the popular Pope Beach at their disposal, while visitors in Nevada can enjoy a swim at the Secret Cove or Sand Harbor, all while being surrounded by stunning alpine scenery.

Lake Charlevoix - Michigan

No. 5: Lake Charlevoix - Michigan

Offering a warmer alternative to Lake Michigan, Lake Charlevoix emerges as the perfect spot for a summer dip.

As the third-largest natural lake in Michigan, it presents a picturesque backdrop for swimmers.

A favored location for the inaugural plunge is the scenic Depot Beach.

Lake Michigan - Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin

No. 4: Lake Michigan - Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin

Though its waters can be chilly even in the summer, Lake Michigan offers a refreshing respite for the brave.

For those visiting Chicago, North Avenue Beach is a popular swimming locale.

Further from the city, swimmers can enjoy Indiana Dunes National Park and Michigan's Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, adding a touch of nature exploration to their water adventures.

Deep Creek Lake - Maryland

No. 3: Deep Creek Lake - Maryland

Located in the western corner of Maryland, Deep Creek Lake is a man-made wonder from a century ago.

This waterbody is home to various fish species including walleye, bluegill, and yellow perch.

Come spring, residents flock here for a rejuvenating swim in the clear waters of Garrett County.

Lake Superior

No. 2: Lake Superior - Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Encompassing a vast 31,700 square miles, Lake Superior has countless swimming spots scattered along the Canadian and U.S. shores.

Although the waters lean towards the colder side, destinations such as Agate Beach, Wisconsin Point, and Wild Goose Beach offer respite from the summer heat with their refreshing and clear waters.

Lake Ouachita - Arkansas

No. 1: Lake Ouachita - Arkansas

Initially conceived in the 1950s for hydroelectric power, Lake Ouachita has evolved into a massive outdoor recreation hotspot, spreading over 40,000 acres near the city of Hot Springs.

Apart from being a popular spot for boating and fishing, this lake is also a favorite among swimmers and scuba divers, making it a comprehensive water-based recreational destination.


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