Golden Delights: The 9 Unmissable Fast Food Fries for 2023

Fast Food Fries

In a world where the sizzle and the golden hue of french fries unite gourmets and casual diners alike, the pursuit of the perfect fry is a culinary quest of great importance.

Be it the iconic straight-cut, a textured crinkle, or a sophisticated waffle, the allure of fries transcends boundaries. As America indulges in nearly 30 pounds of these potato delights annually, the question emerges - who masters the art of the fast food fry?

Enjoy's editors, alongside a connoisseur committee of fry enthusiasts, embarked on a delicious journey to find the crème de la crème of this fast food staple. After a scrumptious showdown, our readers had their say.

Here are the 9 best fast food establishments to savor the golden glory of french fries.

No. 9: Farmer Boys

Hailing from the fertile Columbia River Basin, Farmer Boys' Always Crispy Fries® boast a farm-to-table freshness that ensures a crunchy experience all the way home.

Their unique origin story and irresistible texture make them a standout selection.

Farmer Boys

No. 8: Wendy’s

A celebration of texture and taste, Wendy's fries are renowned for their bias cut and the potato skin at the end.

These fries offer the perfect heft for a Frosty dip, making them a cherished choice for fry enthusiasts.

Wendy's fries

No. 7: Whataburger

With an elegant simplicity, Whataburger's shoestring fries bring the golden and salty delight to perfection.

Elevate the experience with spicy ketchup, and savor the finesse of these thinly sliced wonders.


No. 6: Arby’s

In the world of fries, Arby's curly fries are an adventurous twist.

Their corkscrew shape, peppery bite, and enticing crispiness hold the promise of a flavor-packed ride, a ketchup-lover's dream.


No. 5: A&W

From chili and cheese toppings to the joy of plain perfection, A&W's fries offer a unique versatility.

Paired with a burger or dipped in root beer, these fries make for a sublime indulgence.


No. 4: Chick-fil-A

Waffle Potato Fries at Chick-fil-A have captured hearts with their unique design and scrumptious taste.

Whether you're a ketchup fan or a Chick-Fil-A sauce aficionado, these fries promise to enhance your dipping experience.


No. 3: Five Guys

Hand-cut, carefully soaked, and fried to perfection in peanut oil, Five Guys' fries are a generous offering of craftsmanship and flavor.

Their meticulous preparation guarantees a fresh and hearty experience with every bite.

five guys fries

No. 2: Golden Chick

A haven for Southern comforts, Golden Chick's battered fries are a crispy, fluffy delight.

When gravy meets fry, it's a gastronomic fusion that's nothing short of magical.

Golden Chick fries

No. 1: McDonald’s

The epitome of fry excellence, McDonald's World Famous Fries set the gold(en) standard in fast food.

Thin, crispy, and seasoned with a hint of natural beef flavoring, they are an icon in the culinary world, a testament to what makes fries a universal favorite.

McDonald's fries


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